Nursing Jobs in UK and USA

About The Nursing Recruitment

We are a group of professionals working to recruit experienced qualified nurses from Africa to work in the United States of America and United Kingdom as recognised healthcare professionals. We understand that many excellent and qualified nurses on our continent seek opportunities to work in abroad such as the United States of America and United Kingdom. Rarduja International partnered with SWA (Student World Afrik) to enable qualified nurses travel and work in USA and UK legally.

Our job is simple: To get you your dream job and living the American dream or UK life alongside your nuclear family. We will guide you and support you every step of the way.



As a nurse, you, your spouse and dependants (biological and adopted children) are eligible for relocation at the same time.

We provide study materials and tutorial classes for your NCLEX exam.

We walk the journey with you as partners and with no hidden charges.

Passport USA pays for all your visa fees and flights.

Accommodation for first one year is arranged if required

Loan offered for car

Job guaranteed for 3years

Get paid equal wages like the American-trained nurse

Opportunity to work overtime and earn more.

Excellent family life vs work balance

Start Your USA or UK Nursing Career Journey Now!

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