The new Italian government is resisting the German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” stuck

RARDUJA | Media – 06th September, 2019.

Minors threatened with suicide – Sea-Eye turns to Maltese court.

The new Italian government is resisting the hard course

German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” stuck Minors threatened with suicide – Sea-Eye turns to Maltese court Regensburg, Rome, Valletta

On Saturday morning, on the way to the Libyan SAR Zone, the crew of “Alan Kurdi” rescued 13 people from an overloaded wooden boat in the Maltese SAR Zone. Malta refuses to take over the coordination and refers to Germany. Italy prohibited the entry into Italian waters. The 13 men, including 8 minors, wanted to Lampedusa, but kept heading for Sicily. There was no compass. On its own, the overloaded wooden boat could not have reached a safe place.

• Italy maintains the validity of the “Salvini Decree”

• Sea-Eye files complaint in Maltese court

• two minors threatened with suicide Medical evacuation of two rescuers was requested

Italy has a new government. The command center of the “Alan Kurdi” therefore inquired at the Italian Ministry of Interior at 10:25, whether the so-called “Salvini Decree” with the No. 53/2019 continues to be valid. At 12:26 pm, the ministry concisely affirmed, “We inform  

you that the Decree no. 53/2019 is still valid.” The operational command has the Kempten doctor Jan Ribbeck. “Obviously, the new government in Rome is also sticking to the hard course against civilian rescue teams,” comments Ribbeck.

After Malta refused to take responsibility for the coordination of the rescue operation for five days, although the Maltese Authority (RCC Malta) never denied that the incident occurred in the Maltese SAR zone. Sea-Eye decided now for the first time complaint before a Maltese court to submit jurisdiction

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