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Honourable Eddy Duru
President & Founder,
RARDUJA International.

RARDUJA (Re-educating Africans on the Risks & Dangers of Unplanned Journey Abroad and Empowering the Youth) was founded on the 10th of April, 1999 (then Green Foundation).

Honourable Eddy Duru is the President and Founder of RARDUJA International. He is a Nigerian with German Nationality. He is also a parliamentarian representing Foreigners in Hessen State of Germany.

Hon. Eddy Duru, having lived in Germany Europe for over 20 years and having had the opportunity to travel around the world, has a first-hand experience on several issues affecting African illegal migrants in Europe and America, – the deaths, the difficulties, the failed expectations, the lies, the frustrations and the successes.

Day in, day out, several news are heard of deaths of illegal immigrants trying to cross into Europe and America through the sea, desert or some other illegal ways. However, this situation is better preventive than curative; hence RARDUJA International was initiated. READ MORE..

Rarduja International storms Rivers State University, Portharcourt in Nigeria with Africa’s most foremost comedian Ayo Makun (AY comedy) on 08/07/19. Our work must go on. To God be the Glory. #SayNoToUnplannedJourneyAbroad #SayNoToUnplannedJourneyAbroad #illegalMigration #StayAlive




Please keep it up, you are doing a very Good Job, i have gone through your Book, what an Interesting Facts and Figures you did presented, am glad that you took your time and hard efforts, despite your very busy schedules as an African Living in Europe to compile and write such a Testimony about Africans Living in Europe. My Warm Regards.


Honourable Charles Ubani
NIDO Bayern

Thanks to RARDUJA for talking realistically without any exaggerations

RARDUJA speaks exactly the experience and realities of what migrants are passing through around the globe in foreign nations. Well done Hon. Eddy for this mentality and I really wish you continue with this great work you are doing.

God bless you.